DNA DATA TESTING Paternity Testing Services - DNA DATA TESTING Now serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston
(Non-legal or Peace of Mind)
This paternity test is confidential and used for piece of mind results but cannot be used in court. No ID or Social Security Number is needed. This test can be picked up at the local office, purchased online and mailed to your disclosed location or can me administered in '
a DNA Data Testing location.
  •  By getting in office testing you can rest assure the test is administered by trained professionals.The test can test up to three people: child, father and mother (if present). For true guaranteed results the test must be done by a DNA DATA TESTING representative.
  •  Results are 99.99% results guaranteed and are AABB accredited.  We never charge a clinic fee.
  • Mobile services available upon local hospitals. A service charge will be applied upon location and distance.
**Please be advised the results of this test are informational and will not uphold in court. If further legal action is sought a Chain of Custody (legal court admissible test) test will need to be administered if results come in favorable to parties involved. Special discounted rates apply for DNA Data Testing Customers**

Missing Parent DNA: Includes DNA samples from the mother, child, and both alleged paternal grandparent or Paternal Aunt or Uncle

CHAIN OF CUSTODY DNA TEST:  (Legal will uphold in court for Child Support, Immigration, Birth Certificate Changes)
As an AABB-accredited laboratory, we perform paternity tests and other DNA tests using a Chain of Custody documentation process to ensure results will be legally defensble, in case the results will be used in courts and other govenrment agencies. Cost includes testing for father, child and mother. This process proves and satisfies the following legal requirements:
  • Buccal samples or blood samples are collected by an impartial third party, such as a clinic or laboratory.
  • The individuals tested are positively identified (i.e. They present a government-issued ID, and they are photographed and fingerprinted for records.).
  • The samples are carefully tracked and matched to each test participant throughout the entire DNA testing process.
  • The Chain of Custody process requires samples to be taken by a neutral third party.
When you come to the sample collection appointment, you will be asked to do the following to meet the Chain of Custody requirements:
  • Present government-issued identification for the adults
  • Present a form of identification for minors, such as a birth certificate or social security card
  • Be photographed and fingerprinted
  • Complete a Client Identification and Consent Form (the minor’s consent form should be signed by the legal guardian)

Sibling Test:  Includes DNA samples from 2 siblings and 1 common parent  (preferrably mother)


Extra Fees:
-$25.00 if client shows up 15 minutes after scheduled appointment.
-$25.00 no show fee.
-$25.00 fee for extra copies of results.